Entdecke die Ausstellung „Tausendplagenland“ im Enfants Artspace.
Enfants Artspace
Pilatuspool 19
, 20355 Hamburg

Entdecke die Ausstellung „Tausendplagenland“ im Enfants Artspace.


Enfants Artspace
Pilatuspool 19

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»Tausendplagenland 2.0«

self-taught, christian guhl took different paths until he found his medium and language to build his current work. in it, an unconscious and pop mind choreographs how each element interacts with the other in a role-playing game.

each piece that comes from the artists imaginary is a path of self-awareness and healing, where his work growth from personal expression to a thorough restorative process. according to the artist, “the vulnerability and negative emotions lead to greater artistic creativity; rather than getting rid of them, i try to embrace them, dig deeper into myself. the higher the pain, the greater itʻs fierceness and the calm and presence that the piece will bring.”

“my nightmares are a great source of inspiration. the black dystopian landscapes and the faceless portraits are a result of those uncomfortable periods of awakening dreams. iʻve suffered from sleep paralysis since i was a teenager and those suffocated face-less bodies represent those hallucinations, by framing them onto a canvas iʻm also able to defy them. nowadays, i donʻt have them that often, but itʻs a buzzing and terrifying experience.”

annihilating and dark settings, enigmatic characters, gas masks, gloves, and sadist accessories, evoke the memoirs of a war and the compelling expression of berlinʻs contemporary culture.

is in that scenario that the artist brings the latex into the canvas, a fabric that in recent years has been stripped from the sex dungeons to the red carpet. by doing so, he enhances its status of fetish fashion to an expression of sensuality and glamorous wickedness, beyond the individual magnified into a universe of bacchanals landscapes.

in that dark, intimate world, the fascination for the human body, especially the masculine, is evident. christian guhl work, it is presented as a model of profound and unknown beauty that transcends the canons pre-established by the advertising industry and mass media.

“seems like todayʼs ideal of beauty comes from retouch images, brands or trendy ʻharmonious, healthy lifestyleʼ social media influencers. but that ʻtasteʼ of what is fitting and fine is subject to consumption patterns and expectations of unattainable beauty or subject to acquire a specific product. i found that vision of narrow and oppressive.”

guhl finds intense beauty in discomfort broadcasting a style that, as he adds: „destroys the ʻmedia-myth of hyped-beautyʼ to create diverse, obscure and ambiguous magnetism, that can be disturbing and dystopic.”

text by sandra lodos and jean-paul colin

artist: christian guhl
gallery: web.marcelforart.com/christian_guhl
instagram: instagram.com/christianguhlberlin

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