Ganz große Kunst: Secret Wars geht in die 10. Runde!

, Hamburg

Ganz große Kunst: Secret Wars geht in die 10. Runde!



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Secret Wars Digital Round 10

The Gorillametta crew has once again proven that they are not of this world. The team from Hamburg won the 5th battle in a row, even if it was very close. They will defend their titel for the sixth! time on next Friday the 19th of February. For the artist Zmenrik, who unfortunately cannot take part in this battle, the crew member Lindberg steps in. There is no difference in quality, for sure!

Their opponents this time come from Hamburg and Berlin and are no strangers in artistic circles. Team HH/BER with the crew Bona & Writerz consists of the wonderful artists Bona_Berlin and Humble_Writerz.

They are definitely ready to knock the guys off their throne. 

Both crews with 2 artists each have 30 minutes to create their digital canvas. They are only allowed to paint with black and there are no themes. No software is needed as we paint in
Afterwards 3 points will be awarded by the judge, the audience and the auction of the artwork.

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Team Hamburg with the crew Gorillametta will be represented by the artists Pascal Reitz and Lindberg.

Check them out HAMBURG:

Team HH/BER with the Crew Bona & Writerz will be represented by the artists Bona_Berlin and Humble_Writerz

Check them out HH/BER:

Besides Facebook Live you can also follow us on Twitch: and watch the show also on and if you want to compete in a battle sign up for one of the dates directly at and be part of the Secret Wars Artist Family

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