Göteborg stellt sich vor: Komm aufs imposante Segelschiff.

, 20459 Hamburg

Göteborg stellt sich vor: Komm aufs imposante Segelschiff.



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Göteborg of Sweden

Hamburg 19 – 23 May, 2023

The fifth stopover on the European Tour 2023 is Hamburg. You can find us moored at Überseebrücke in Mitte. We will of course be open to visitors during our stay. Come visit us!

Visit the ship

Come on board and visit the ship! Learn about the history of the Swedish East India Company and the adventures of the original Götheborg that sailed three times to Asia. Hear modern tales of sailing an 18th century ship, feel the authentic atmosphere, and listen to everything from captivating stories to the tremendous art of shipbuilding.

Welcome on board!

On board Götheborg you will visit the beautiful weather deck with the helm, capstan and ship’s bell. Sundeck offers great views of the ship and masts, and down on gun deck there are ten impressive cannons. Don’t miss the two pieces from the original ship, one piece by the historical cupboard with porcelain and chalk pipes on gun deck, and the other one recessed into the helm.

Come prepared with all your questions!

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