Guacáyo liefern erfrischenden Reggae mit popigen Vibes – live!
Valentinskamp 47
, 20354 Hamburg

Guacáyo liefern erfrischenden Reggae mit popigen Vibes – live!


Valentinskamp 47

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Guacáyo * YOKO, Hamburg

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Guacáyo LIVE @ Yoko Club, Hamburg
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

„We want to move the people ­ body and soul!“

Cheeky pop sounds meet Reggae, Dub and Hip Hop Beats – a new Universe is opening up. Guacáyos music is refreshing. The Debut EP „Yuniverse“ comes along with a fat bass, charming arrangements and the singer‘s distinctive Voice. But the songs are not only for dancing. The EP contains thought provoking lyrics touching on serious themes.
The Band is also strong on stage: after over 200 shows in Germany, France and Spain, the Yuniverse Tour 2019 follows in November.
The debut single „Lady“ was established as a crowds favorite, live as well as online. The most recent single release „Selva“ is a tribute to the Rainforest. A timely message, given the ongoing fires in the Amazon and Africa. „Don’t look away – feel it and act“. This is the message that Guacáyo is trying to convey with their songs. A message they are trying to convey to themselves as well as to the rest of the world.

~ Be wild and spread love!

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